Aditi Patil

 Social Entrepreneur, Student, Researcher, Writer, Volunteer

Aditi Patil is a young, passionate and dedicated social entrepreneur, author, researcher and student. Currently, Aditi is attending Columbia University where she is studying to earn her undergraduate degree in computer science.

For Aditi, her love of computer science wasn’t immediate. For the majority of her life, Aditi was convinced that computer science was solely “for boys.” Negative stereotypes propagated through pop culture and media led her to think that she had no business in the world of computers. However, thanks to a persistent and inspirational guidance counselor, Aditi took an Intro to Java programming class as a freshman in high school, and her world was changed. She enrolled herself in a summer coding camp at the Flatiron Academy in NYC, and her eyes were opened to the wonder and potential that computer science holds. Unfortunately, Aditi was also exposed to the realities of the industry. There is a noticeable gender and racial disparity in computer science-related industries; everything from engineering to programming and web development, and in her personal experience, not many girls in her high school took AP Computer Science.

This did not sit well with Aditi. With her newfound knowledge and love for computer science, Aditi learned as much as she could about various different programming languages, such as HTML, CSS and Scratch, and she decided to impart her knowledge onto others. She founded XX Coders in 2016 with the intention to spread her love and passion of computer science in her community and to empower other young women and minority women to pursue their dreams. As we push towards an increasingly technology-dependent society, computer science skills and occupations will only become more crucial. Aditi wants women of color and minority women to take the driver seat, so to speak, and lead the way in innovation in the industry. So she started an after-school club to teach girls coding.  




Community Service

Through XX Coders, Aditi and the club have worked on a bevy of projects that have benefited both the community and the club’s members. XX Coders has worked extensively with the Special Education Parent Teacher Association (SEPTA) to provide computer programming classes to students who are on the autism spectrum; additionally, XX Coders runs an intensive summer coding camp in Wyandanch, socioeconomically low area, focused on providing campers with a fun, supportive, engaging, and unique experience. In the past, the summer camp has offered hands-on tech demonstrations, presentations from female STEM professionals, such as Senior Manager of Process Management at Canon, Kathy Ziet, and educational field trips to Google and Microsoft headquarters.

On a personal level, Aditi is also quite philanthropic. She has served as an ambassador for youth programs at Samarthanam USA where she assists  those with disabilities through community initiatives every year when they come to the USA; she also worked with Amnesty International for a variety of fundraisers and events; she has also been working with her neighboring town of Brentwood by volunteering and opening up another chapter of XX Coders to enable more and more towns have young women pursuing an interest for computer programming.

Although Aditi is early on in her career, she is dedicated to not only making a difference in computer science, but also to motivating others to do the same in their respective industries. Aditi knows that Columbia University will offer her the best education possible to achieve her goals, and she will utilize her previous research experience at Yale University and the Long Island Scientific Research Association to guide her along her path and research at Doherty Center at Columbia University.

Aditi is excited for what the future holds and is honored to be a C.P Davis Scholar, at Columbia Class of 2022.


I am currently an Ambassador for Youth Programs for Samarthanam USA, a nonprofit charity dedicated to supporting people with disabilities through various community initiatives. I also support human rights through discussions and fundraisers on behalf of Amnesty International.

In addition to these community efforts, I also actively volunteer and intern in a neighboring town called Wyandanch, which suffers from low rate and quality of education for its residents. I have led all kinds of initiatives, whether this means creating free summer coding programs for students and leading fundraisers for underserved schools to receive school supplies. My work in Wyandanch has led to a significant uptick in opportunities for local students, and I have even earned news coverage from major outlets for my efforts.

I balance these activities with yet another research-heavy facet of my life: writing. I also previously served as the STEM editor for my high school’s newspaper, the HSE Thunderbird, and have written multiple articles. I also used to participate in the school’s Academic Team.

I was also an ambassador for Peerlift, a unique, completely student-run organization that focuses its efforts on providing one-of-a-kind experiences for high school and college-age students. The program connects students to a variety of opportunities, such as internships, scholarships and even study abroad programs.

Here is my biography featured in the HSE Thunderbird:

Aditi Patil is currently a senior at HSE. After working diligently with the Thunderbird for two years, Aditi is incredibly eager to begin serving as the STEM editor. Aditi is closely involved in extracurricular activities and clubs at HSE, and is a member of the Mathletes, Academic Team, and Amnesty International; she has also taken the initiative to found XX Coders, a new club that starts this fall for girls interested in computer programming. Aditi Patil looks forward to an exciting school year full of interesting news regarding STEM, and another great year for the HSE newspaper.