As someone who has learned a great deal on STEM subjects, particularly computer programming, I am keen on passing on my knowledge. I want to assist the new generation of coders and computer programmers in any way that I can. With that being said, I figured I would compile a list of commonly used computer programming languages.

Before I begin, I thought I should provide a brief description of what a programming language actually is. In short, computer languages are a collection of words, codes, instructions and commands strung together in order to create a software program. Coding language is used for virtually everything that you see and do on your computers. It is a crucial aspect to being a coder and programmer.


Probably one of the most common languages used in the world, Java has been implemented in a variety applications. It has been most commonly used for creating server-side apps for video games and mobile applications, as well as developing Android apps. It’s incredibly common and popular, and because of that, it is incredibly versatile. If you’re getting into coding, you will probably come across Java at some point.


This must be the cousin of Java, right? Wrong. Surprisingly, Java and JavaScript are quite different. JavaScript is primarily used for Internet services. Much like Java, it is incredibly popular and common. In essence, JavaScript allows web developers to add a variety of interactive components to their websites.


Python is another programming language that is just as popular as Java, in some respects. What really stands out about Python is its simplicity and ease of use. It’s a great tool for young programmers to get acquainted with. Python can be found in very popular applications, like Instagram or Pinterest.