We’ve all heard the term before: “coders.” But what does it actually mean? And why is it so important in today’s world? Well, coders are crucial in our modern society. Without coders, we wouldn’t be able to send texts, login to Facebook, visit web pages on the Internet or even play video games. Coders are at the crux of our modern, digital society. In essence, a coder writes the actual program and language that makes computers and software perform tasks.


So now that you see just how important and useful coding is, what types of occupations are available?


Video Games

Most people assume that in order to work on the development team of a video game, you must be 100% artistically gifted. And while that is true to some extent, the video game won’t work at all unless it’s programmed to. And that’s where coders come into play. They are the ones that create the functioning game. Anytime your video game character does anything, that is because a program made it that way.


App Developer

In 2017, the app is the king of the digital world; more specifically, mobile apps are the dominant force. An article from TechCrunch claims that 85% of smartphone users spend their time on mobile apps. Coders program the actual app. Similar to how video games work, you wouldn’t be able to interact with an application at all if it weren’t for coders. They tell the application to work the way it needs to for your particular device, whether it be a computer, tablet or smartphone.


There are plenty of other careers out there for those in coding. Make sure to read part two to find out more!