Last month I’d written a blog that dealt with coding and its importance in this day and age. Because of its importance, there is a high demand for coders throughout the world. This means that there is almost limitless potential in terms of career opportunities for coders. In this ongoing series I plan on highlighting several potential career paths for coders in an effort to alleviate any stress that young coders may be experiencing. Choosing a career path can be daunting, but for us coders, rest assured that there are certainly more than enough opportunities.


WordPress Developer

As the world’s most popular CMS (content management system), WordPress is a natural fit for coders. Because of its popularity, a vast majority of the world’s websites that run on CMSes run on WordPress. What makes being a WordPress developer so great is that you aren’t necessarily bound to working with one company. You are able to freelance your WordPress skills while following other endeavors in your spare time. For WordPress, developers should be proficient in HTML, CSS and Javascript. You should, however, be a master of PHP.


Technical Marketer

Do you love working with computer programming but also find the world of marketing fascinating? Then you might want to look into a career as a technical marketer. Technical marketers have the technical, in-depth know-how of computer programming and apply those coding skills to the world of marketing. Technical marketers could be responsible for developing websites, testing and debugging products and even assisting in creative marketing brainstorming. It’s certainly an opportunity to flex your creative and technical muscles.


There are still so many different careers that are available to coders. Stay tuned for next month’s entry!