As I’ve mentioned before in previous blogs, STEM is an incredibly important part of our world. More and more industries are relying on these four components (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) in order to achieve success and make legitimate breakthroughs. STEM’s importance is being recognized. In fact, the subject has even earned a national holiday. Every November 8th, the country’s STEM educators and students join together in order to participate in a variety of events and activities in order to recognize the achievement and advancements in STEM.


How can you get in on the fun? Here are a few ways to celebrate National STEM Day.


Egg Drop Challenge

If you’ve ever had a physics class during your grade school years, you are probably very familiar with this concept. Essentially, you and a group of friends challenge each other to create the best device to protect an egg. Get creative and devise an ingenious contraption and have fun while doing it. You can even create teams in order to brainstorm multiple ideas.


Create a Lava Lamp

Lava lamps are, simply put, an incredible amount of fun. Sure they may have died out in the 70s, but why not bring them back? Not only do you learn the basics of liquid density, but you’ll have an amazing decoration for your home once you’re finished.


Learn About Innovators in STEM

What better way to celebrate STEM than to learn about those who propelled it forward? Leonardo da Vinci, William Morris Davis and Thomas Edison are some of the earliest proponents of STEM. Why not do a bit of background research on these historical figures and maybe even put some of their theories and ideas to the test. Conduct your own experiments and have some fun.


National STEM Day is our field’s chance to truly enjoy what we work on and what we do. Make sure to take a few moments from your day and celebrate how you see fit.