For those working in the world of computer science or web development, knowing how to code is an essential skill. But, those who aren’t planning to pursue a career in these fields may feel that there’s no reason for them to learn to code. They may also feel intimidated by the skill, thinking only computer geniuses will be able to master it. However, that’s far from being the case. Knowing how to code benefits everyone, in ways you might not have thought of. Here are four benefits that knowing how to code will offer you.


Coding gives you a new perspective to problem-solving

Learning to code also teaches you how to think. Coding teaches you to rely on your logic when approaching problems, instead of trying to solve them with your emotions. Because coding is essentially just asking a computer to complete a task based on the logical guidelines you outlined, it forces your brain to approach problems in the same way, even those outside of coding. It gives you the skill set to break down obstacles into small, separate parts and determine how each affects the other.


Versatility is key

Even if you don’t want to be a computer scientist, or go into a tech-focused career, that doesn’t mean knowing how to code won’t come in handy. Technology is a part of most jobs in today’s world and knowing how to code sets you apart. If you work in communications or graphic design, knowing how to code will help you to design better websites and impress your boss. It’s an extra skill to add to your resume that gives you an advantage over another applicant. Plus, if you ever decide to pursue a career in technology, you already have a head start.


Communicate effectively with tech people

Whether you’re working closely with the IT department in your job, or need to collaborate with a team of tech-experts to complete a project for a class, it’s likely you’ll be in situations where you have to work closely together with tech-minded people. If you’re clueless about computers and all they entail, it’ll make communicating with these people difficult. Being able to code gives you a better understanding of how computers work and allows you to communicate effectively with the members of your group who work solely in that department.


Establishing an online presence

It might not be something you’ve considered, but the way you look online has a significant impact on your life. The vast majority of employers will google you before hiring or even interviewing you. Colleges and universities will comb through your social media profiles to determine if you’re a worthy candidate. Being able to code gives you a leg up on establishing a great online presence. It gives you the skills and knowledge to create a website where you can highlight your accomplishments. You can even start a blog where you discuss your journey of learning how to code. Having a well-designed site is a great way to improve how you look online, and it may help you to earn new opportunities.