As a young professional working closely in the STEM field, I obviously have a deep affinity for the subject. I believe that it is one of the most important fields for the future of our society. We now have a major dependence on the concepts and inventions that have been created through STEM. And although it has become an increasingly popular subject in recent years, not everyone knows what STEM is. I figured that I could provide a simple rundown of what STEM is, and what it means.


In layman’s terms, STEM is an acronym used to represent a series of academic disciplines. In order, they are Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. The term became popular in the late 90s, and has stuck ever since.


Why is STEM important?

As our world begins to rely more and more on technology, connectivity and networking, STEM has become drastically important. What’s more important is the need for students to gain an interest in the field and study it. Positions in the STEM field will only continue to grow in the coming decades. Students in the STEM field will become the new innovators: the Elon Musks, Mark Zuckerbergs and Jeff Bezoses of the future. That is why STEM is so important.


The beauty of STEM is its versatility in regards to occupation. There are a large number of viable careers in STEM that range from completely different backgrounds; From microbiologist to financial analysts, civil engineer to video game designer– all these professions are part of the field. STEM offers the opportunity to change the world and to follow your passions while doing it.