Dear Friends and Supporters,

With your help and support, I would like to raise money to host an all expenses-paid, two-week-long summer coding camp for high school girls in the town of Wyandanch. Wyandanch is an impoverished community, where education takes a back seat to the social and economic struggles families face each day. Most children in this community have no exposure to computer science and are unaware of the many career opportunities available in this field.

I fell in love with computer science as a freshman in high school and have become very involved in technology-related education and outreach ever since, including founding the nonprofit, XX Coders. Computer science is so important now, due to the technology-driven world we live in, and I want to spread this love to others. Unfortunately, there is a large gender gap between girls and boys in the field of computer science, partly due to various negative stereotypes and the perception that girls aren’t as good at or interested in math and science as boys. Unfortunately, many students are unaware of the wonders of computer science at Wyandanch High School due to the limited budget and exorbitant cost of hiring computer science teachers.

I believe that the XX Coders summer camp in Wyandanch can help change this atmosphere, and that some of these girls will fall in love with computer science and the wonderful art of coding, just like I did. Please visit in order to read more about my mission, and see the attached brochure for additional details about the camp. Please donate at and share this link with your friends and family. With your donations, XX Coders can make a step in the right direction in closing the gap between men and women in the computer science field!

Aditi Patil
President and founder
XX Coders

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